Bosco Wong’s Ex Takes Over as Cosmetic Surgery Ambassador

Bosco Wong’s former girlfriend and unsuccessful Miss Asia contestant Carisa Yan has been announced as the successor to Miss Hong Kong runner up Natalie Ng as the second generation of spokesperson for a Cosmetic Surgery company with a six-figure fee. Carisa indicates she is not doing this for money, but for her own health and her family.

At the event, Carisa revealed that when she was working as a model five years ago, she had to make her figure stand out and increase her workload in order to look after her family, so she underwent a procedure where she was injected in her nose and breasts with the chemical PAAG, which has since been confirmed as carcinogenic. She only found out later after meeting Siu Ding Yat that she found out she had undergone some unsuitable procedures that put her life at risk. There are many other women who have had similar experiences, so she would like to stand up and let everyone know that they should not opt for improper practices.

Asked what her enhancement plans are, Carisa says: "PAAG will harden in the body after six or seven years and this can lead to breast cancer. I will be having surgery next week to have the PAAG in my breasts removed. As for the small amount in my nose, this cannot be removed, but it should be fine to stay in the body. Then in February, I will be going for surgery in Korea, where I will have my double eyelids done. The doctor has said also that my wrinkles are quite deep and my teeth can also be tidied up. (How about your breasts?) I was originally a 32A, after the injections of PAAG five years ago, I became a 32B. I hope that after the Hong Kong surgery, I can go to Korea and have them put back to 32B." Company boss Siu Ding Yat immediately said: "At least 32B, we will be putting some gel sacs in there."

Responding to the earlier reports that Christy Chung had announced she would not be cosmetic surger spokesperson for only $1 million, Natalie says: "For money, then I would not do it for $1 million, but my hooked nose was due to an accident when I was younger and I had intended to have it corrected and pay, but fortunately I was approached by Ah Yat." Asked if she will have any more surgery done, she insisted: "No, I will say that even as a spokesperson, because you should not become addicted."

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