Bosco Wong will have to Ask to Benefit from Myolie Wu’s Endorsement

Myolie Wu, as the spokesperson of an electronics company, attended a promotional event yesterday. The actress autographed 50 prizes and presented them to 50 lucky people from the audience, including to an elderly fan. When asked if her whole house was filled with sponsored electrical appliances, Myolie replied, “My family benefit from the endorsements, including my relatives. (Have you given some to Bosco Wong?) No, but he can ask!”

Myolie has been busy filming ‘Wars of In-Laws 2007’ with Liza Wang and Bosco Wong and so, she was questioned if she has given Liza electrical appliances for her 40 year anniversary concert. Myolie answered, “Good idea! I will be buying tickets to support her. (Will you be a guest performer?) I want to but it will depend on the organisation. (Will you be going with Bosco?) I will be asking the whole cast to come, so it will depend if Bosco has time. Liza advised me to watch the last show.”

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