Bosco Wong Surrounded by Fans in Malaysia

Bosco Wong was in Malaysia earlier at a promotional event for the Kim Gary Restaurant chain. He visited Penang, Johor Bahru and Kuala Lumpur on his tight schedule. As many Hong Kong series are aired in Malaysia, he has quite a large fanbase there and the fans were all eager to catch a glimpse of their idol, so wherever Bosco went, there were large crowds and amidst the chaos and crowding, he almost fell over at one point and at one of the venues, he couldn’t even get in, but fortunately there were no accidents.

Bosco says that he has tried the local steamer rice dish, where one steamer has the equivalent of ten plates of Yang Chow Fried Rice in it, so he is full of praises of how filling and delicious it is. During the promotion, he also enjoyed the performance of the lion dancing and as he took a few lessons whilst filming for his Wong Fei Hung series, he was itching to try it for himself. Bosco says that the biggest reward from this trip was a lucky packet with $1500 inside that made him very happy. The restaurant is also very happy with their spokesperson, so they will be renewing their contract with him again this year and doubling his fee.

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