Bosco Wong Responds to Andy and Myolie Rumours

Recently, there were reports that Andy Hui Chi On (???) was actively pursuing Myolie Wu Hang Yee (???) as part of a promotional tactic to repair his career slump. The reports claimed that Myolie’s rumoured boyfriend, Bosco Wong Chung Chak (???) confronted Andy. The two of them not only avoided each other in the studios, when reporters mentioned Andy’s name, Bosco would angrily hang up. Few nights ago, Bosco insisted that he was not fighting with Andy. He also was not angry. He said he even remembered saying bye before hanging out.

The night before yesterday, Bosco and Natalie Tong Sze Wing (???) were filming new series "The Most Beautiful Seventh Day" ?????????. They were filming a scene where they were walking hand-in-hand at a park. Previously, Bosco was accused of taking advantage of Fala Chen (???) in the "What is Your Game?" ?????? gameshow. This time, he was given permission to hold hands, and therefore wasn’t afraid of being accused of being a pervert again. Natalie, however, was completely clueless and had not read any of those reports. "I didn’t know about this. If someone’s naughty, they will be beaten! Really, he was probably just very nervous, so he made those gestures. I know he likes to poke at people

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