Bosco Wong Picks Up Third Hand Singing Job,

TVB has liked to promote its own artistes as singers in recent years and even the theme song for the Korean series "My Girl" that premieres this evening will be sung by Bosco Wong. Reports indicate that originally Raymond Lam and Kenneth Ma were auditioned for this song, but in the end the job rested with third choice Bosco.

TVB is currently promoting the musical career of Raymond after he proved his ability to sing and dance last year and originally had asked him to sing the Cantonese theme song for "My Girl", however Raymond was unable to record due to illness and Kenneth was called in urgently to replace him. However, with the song based on a rap, it was realised after two hours of rehearsals that it was too difficult for Kenneth to sing and he gave up. Still eager to keep the work within the fold, they passed the job over to Bosco and fortunately as he had done some rapping for the theme song to his earlier series "War of In-Laws" with Liza Wang, he performed well and delivered the desired result.

Bosco does not mind picking up the third-hand job: "This is very normal. The company often calls us all in to test a song and who can’t sing? Maybe this song was more suitable for me." He admits that the song is quite difficult: "There is a little bit of rapping in there and the lyrics are quite complex and you really have to get your pronunciation right." He admits that he hopes to release a record of his own in the future, so when he has time, he will take proper lessons from a singing teacher.

Kenneth also admits that he tried the song, but rap is not really suited to him: "Bosco would definitely handle it better than me. To be frank, I do only have a small interest in rap and I rarely listen to it. On the day, they called me in last minute to try singing and I had to learn it there and then on the spot in the space of less than two hours. I don’t mind not singing it, but I do hope to have my own songs in the future so I can sing it when I am making money doing stage performances."

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