Bosco Wong Gains Young Fans with Keroro Song

Bosco Wong was filming at the Tamar Site Universal Carnival yesterday for the music video to his third cartoon theme song for "Keroro Guncho 2". He says that he will take this chance to win some more young fans. With the song for the first series being sung by Kevin Cheng, does this mean that he is taking over Kevin’s position? He says that this is not the case, because this song has been recorded for a long time and has already won him a Children’s Song Award. It had been agreed that he and Kevin would have one each. When he was younger, his favourite cartoon character was Doraemon.

Despite being at the carnival, Bosco indicated that he daren’t go on the rides because he does not like the pull against gravity and the most he will ride is a rollercoaster. He says: "A lot of my friends invited me to come and try them, but I turned them down . I can accept if I don’t have to go on them myself."

Many members of the public surrounded him for photographs yesterday and Bosco indicates that when he went to watch Rain in concert earlier, he was also surrounded by his fans. When it was suggested he was stealing fans from Rain, he says: "I did not mean to, maybe because ‘Dicey Business’ has been aired recently, so there were a lot of people who wanted to photograph me." He will be heading out to Nagoya today with Natalie Tong to film on location for "The Seventh Day".

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