Bosco Wong Doesn”t Mind Cooking Seafood for Myolie

Moses Chan and Bosco Wong took part in a CRHK interview yesterday promoting their new series "Heart of Greed". In the show they play two brothers and the reporters asked about them both being linked in rumours with Fala Chen. Moses says: "I think that is because Fala’s popularity is rising and we worked together whilst filming." After this, he laughs that he had a good time filming this series because they took turns to pay for dinner, which was either abalone or sharks fin. He explains that this is because the show’s sponsor offered them discounted abalone, so they would buy some and cook it for everyone to try at home, which was very convenient.

Bosco also invited everyone over for a seafood meal. As for rumours that Myolie is getting bored of him making risotto all the time, Bosco says graciously that if Myolie wants to have seafood, then he does not mind cooking it for her. As for rumours that Myolie has been suffering from manic eating syndrome, Bosco says that they have not had a chance to meet since, but he knows that Myolie is a happy person and there is no reason for her to have this condition. Asked about the suggestion that she has not been able to fully regain her figure after gaining weight, Bosco could not help but offer an explanation for her, stuttering as he said: "No… no, I have eaten with her before and after she lost weight and she is very normal. She is even slimmer now than she was before filming ‘To Grow With Love’."

As for suggestions that Fala is always eating Bosco’s food and this is unfair to Myolie, Moses indicated that the whole cast and crew have tried Bosco’s cooking and they each took turns to cook, so they all got a treat whilst filming this series and he gained weight to almost 200 lbs, making the producer tell him to lose his belly. Fortunately, with a little hard work, he had reduced his 34 inch waist to just 28 inches in three weeks, returning to his fit figure.

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