Bosco Wong Choreographs Hip Hop Dance

Bosco Wong Chung Chak received an invitation to perform at Champion’s 2007 Spring fashion show at Hong Kong University. Bosco choreographed his own hip hop dance and revealed that he has been studying dancing for one year.

This was the first time that Bosco danced at such a public setting, causing him to have weak knees. However his performance passed the mark.

Bosco indicated that it has been several years since he was at a school campus. When he was a youth, his goal was to attend Hong Kong University.
However his grades in Form 7 were unsatisfactory, thus he could only enter TVB, the “College of Society.”

Jayne: You can see Bosco’s hip hop streak in his dancing, singing, fashion sense, and most recently in “Heart of Greed” as well!

Learning life lessons at TVB can be quite harsh, where the stakes of “passing” and “failing” are high!

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