Bosco & Tavia in Wild Water Frenzy

Caption: In “Dou Cheung Fung Wan,” both Bosco Wong and Tavia Yeung undergo training to become card dealers at the casino tables. For this scene, Bosco and Tavia had a little break and went to play in the swimming pool. During the peak of their romantic moment, they hugged tightly in the water.

In the series, not only does Tavia have to wear a fake bust, she has to don a swimming suit to participate in the Miss Baccarat beauty pageant. In one scene filmed in the Philippines, Tavia had to wear a tank top and shorts to seduce Bosco, resulting in the two playing hotly in the swimming pool.

Knowing the Pain Themselves

On the filming day, the temperature was extremely hot at 30 degrees Celcius. Sporting a dark tan, Tavia’s sweat was trickling down her back. Despite cooling off in the swimming pool, Tavia complained, “Filming the whole day in the water, the skin on my legs became wrinkled, making them swollen after filming!”

Since Bosco could hug the beautiful Tavia, did he feel especially lucky? Bosco quickly said, “Of course not! I am colleagues with Tavia and do not possess attraction for each other! Since arriving in the Philippines, there have been a lot of paparazzi following us. I am afraid that after they take photos of filming scenes, they will falsify the reports and say that Tavia and I are dating! So the best thing is to finish the shooting successfully and then return back to the hotel, without giving the paparazzi a chance to create sensational stories!”

After the Fun is Over, it’s Time to Enter the Beauty Pageant!

Since the crew were filming at the Philippines’ well known water park, of course it was not simply to film their water scene. The crew also shot a scene in which Tavia entered the beauty pageant, competing with local beauties in the Philippines.

Tavia’s character (Tam Chu Mei) was a Chinese girl born and raised in the Philippines. Since she was not successful in attaining a good education, she applied to work at the casino as a card dealer at the tables, training together with Bosco’s character, (Cheung Loi Fook).

But Michael Miu’s character ordered Tavia to seduce Bosco. For the sake of keeping her job, Tavia could only comply. However since Tavia always wanted to attain wealth and marry a rich man, she entered the Miss Baccarat beauty pageant. Unfortunately due the rushing water, her bust pads get washed away in the water, exposing the fact that she was using pads to increase the allure of her figure.

Additional Captions:

#1) Bosco and Tavia were filming in a water park in the Philippines from early morning until 12 noon. Due to being in the water for a long time, their skin became wrinkled.

#2) Since Tavia’s character did not have an outstanding figure, she added bust padding in order to stand out.

#3) However, while standing in the rushing water, the strong current revealed that she had bust pads inside her swimsuit, exposing her instanteously!

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