Bosco, Myolie, Charmaine, Raymond, Bernice, etc. Vow to Quit Bad Habits

In the year of the fire pig, many artists such as Bosco Wong, Myolie Wu, Charmaine Sheh, Bernice Liu, Raymond Lam, Kate Tsui etc. vowed to quit their bad habits to ensure a fortuitous year.

By successfully quiting their bad habits, hopefully their wishes for the new year will be fulfilled quickly!

Bosco Wong to Quit Lazy Habit

Bosco always wanted to improve himself, but due to his busy filming schedule, he did not have the time to do so. Also he lacked the dedication to follow through, affecting his plan to improve himself. When he does have a break, he would rather take it easy at home.

In the New Year, Bosco aspires to learn Korean and Japanese, broadening his opportunities in Asia outside of Hong Kong.

Bosco’s New Year greetings to readers: "Hopefully everyone will earn a lot of money this year! Personally, I would like to spend more time with family."

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Myolie Wu to Quit Lack of Self-Confidence

Losing out on TVB’s Best Actress Award last year, a fortune teller said that Myolie Wu lacked confidence. Myolie agreed that confidence should emanate from onself and should not be given by others. With greater confidence, then one will be re-energized in work and all tasks. More job opportunities will follow as well, along with increased income.

Health is an important asset. Myolie felt that the year of the fire pig is especially auspicious, as pigs are cute and bring happiness to others.

Myolie’s New Year greetings: "The economy has improved lately; I wish everyone happiness!"

Bernice Liu to Quit Over-working

Growing up in Canada, Bernice has always been a hard worker, often over-filling her schedule with work. Even during breaks, she will pack her schedule by going out with friends, not allowing herself adequate rest.

Over time, Bernice has over-stretched herself like a rubber band and tired herself out. Last year, she frequently fell sick. For the new year, Bernice hopes to relax a bit more and perhaps take a mini-vacation. Allowing her body to grow stronger would let her to take on more work.

Bernice’s new year greetings: "Hopefully everyone knows how to relax themselves and enjoy life. I would like to take a vacation, especially to Africa and enjoy the natural scenery!"

Charmaine Sheh to Quit Drinking Cold Drinks in the Morning

Charmaine always had a bad habit of drinking cold drinks first thing in the morning. Fortunately her body never had any major illnesses. However, Charamine hopes to quit this habit and strengthen her health, allowing her to take on additional work opportunities.

Charmaine’s greetings: "Hopefully Hong Kong’s economy continues to improve and benefit everyone. I wish for personal health and the opportunity to film diversified roles in more movies. Filming in movies is very fun!"

Kate Tsui to Reduce Salt Intake

Kate Tsui lost weight recently and vowed to reduce her salt intake in the new year. Eating overly salty foods increases water retention in one’s body. In Kate’s past experience, when she ate overly salty foods, her weight would increase. To maintain a slim figure, she must control her eating habits.

Fortunately, Kate has never over-indulged in foods in the past. She rarely eats beef, lamb, and has also cut down her intake of chicken. Now she eats mainly seafood and fish. Hopefully by maintaining her weight, she can film more ads and increase her income.

Kate’s New Year greetings: "I wish everyone happiness and a year filled with good fortune!"

Raymond Lam Vows to See the Doctor Speedily

Raymond Lam has a bad habit of neglecting to see the doctor when he is sick. This affects his recovery process and immune system, causing him to catch a cold easily the next time and weakening his health even further.

In the new year, Raymond vows to see the doctor speedily whenever he is sick. There is no need to delay, as an illness must be dealt with immediately. He does not want to hold the responsibility of passing germs to others.

Raymond hopes for improved health, as an artist needs a strong body in order to handle the demanding workload.

Raymond’s greetings: "Hopefully there will be less man-made and natural disasters this year! I wish for the health of all the veternans in the entertainment industry and that Hong Kong’s economy continues to improve!"

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