Bosco and Myolie Attended Boxing Day Event

Yesterday, Myolie Wu and Bosco Wong appeared together as a couple to attend a Boxing Day event at Panda Place. The two of them not only wore matching clothes; they also wore complementary colors shoes, one gold and one silver. Afterwards when Bosco was interviewed, he complained again about hasn’t received a birthday present from Myolie. He said Myolie has promised to buy him some French red wine. Myolie laughed and said she has already ordered a bottle of red wine, but she asked Bosco to go to drink the wine in France. That way she would save up some import tax. She also mentioned that the gifts she bought earlier at a mall are not necessary for Bosco.

Giving A Scarf for Warmth

Whether on the stage or off, Myolie and Bosco are both really compatible with each other. The event arranged Myolie and Bosco to exchange Christmas presents. Bosco wished that Myolie will get skinnier, while Myolie wished Bosco can find his perfect match soon. Later, Myolie asked, “Should we exchange our gifts by the nuptial way?” After the gifts were unwrapped, Bosco immediately tried on the scarf that Myolie gave him. Myolie explained, “I know that Bosco really fears cold, so I give him a scarf to keep warm. And looking at him, I think he looks quite similar to Chow Yun Fat in the series ‘The Bund’.” Bosco then sang a few lines of the theme song of “The Bund” to match Myolie’s words. He also said the scarf indeed provided him warmth.

As for Myolie, she received a heart-shaped box of chocolate from Bosco. However, she said to Bosco, “But you have stolen…two pieces!” The host tried to spice up the atmosphere by saying Bosco has already given his heart (Sum) to Myolie. Bosco then added quickly, “I have already given her happiness (Hoi Sum)!”

Fear Grandmother will mistake them as couple

Rumored couple attended function as a couple, of course they are compatible with each other. However, are they for real? Of course Bosco denied such claims. He said he doesn’t mind to be a couple with Myolie when the sponsors like it. For the new series “Wars of In-Laws II”, he is willing to hold hands, link shoulders, and link arms with Myolie. However, he prefers not kissing, because he wants to preserve his image. Myolie also agreed. She said the two of them have nothing to hide from the public.

As for Christmas, Bosco has spent the occasion eating with his friends. He revealed that his grandmother has suffered from a stroke earlier, so he has to visit her at the hospital this Christmas. Reporters asked whether Myolie joined Bosco in visiting his grandmother? Myolie said she didn’t, but she wanted to wish Bosco’s grandmother get well soon and stay healthy. She also didn’t want to appear at the hospital as she feared Bosco’s grandmother will mistake Bosco and her as real couple. Reporters suggested a cup of granddaughter-in-law’s tea might help bringing good luck? Bosco accidentally said, “What if the tea only make it worse? Nevermind, I said the wrong thing!” Myolie and Bosco will attend another function as a couple on New Year’s Eve.

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