Bobby Au Yeung’s “Fathers & Sons” Peaks at 38 Points

Bobby Au Yeung, Wong He, Ha Yu, Producer Miu Siu Ching and several child stars appeared for an interview on a television program 《都市閒情》. Since it’s broadcast, “Fathers and Sons'” 《爸爸閉翳》ratings have been very positive, peaking at 38 points last week!

When reporters noted that Bobby was a ratings guarantor, he said smugly, “I have been for a long time!” Bobby said that he was often referred to as a ratings guarantor. However filming day and night was one of the sacrifices that not everyone knew about.

egarding “Fathers and Sons'” ratings surpassing even “The Drive of Life” Bobby said, “That’s not my business. I will handle the audience for my time slot only!”

How will Bobby be celebrating the series’ rating success? Bobby said naughtily, “Were the ratings due to the tropical storms? 38 points in ratings was already great. If it surpasses 40 points, then we will eat bird’s nest! We can still eat bird’s nest with 38 points!”

Ha Yu said he will be flying to Canada to visit his daughter, whom he has not seen for 6 months. Recently, Ha Yu received scalp surgery to stimulate hair growth. The surgery took 5 hours to complete, but he did not feel pain. In approximately 3 months, new hair growth is expected. Ha Yu established a fan club earlier and one of the members was an 80 year-old woman.

“Fathers and Sons” and “The Drive of Life” both received average ratings of 30 points last week.

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