BoA’s Duet with Wheesung Scrapped for Now

If you are one of those wondering when BoA’s supposed duet with Wheesung, which is supposed to have been released several months ago, would come out, you are in for disappointment: it isn’t coming any time soon.

Though BoA had agreed to participate in Wheesung’s upcoming album earlier this year, her schedules in Japan made it impossible for two singers to get together and record the song, which was reportedly written by Park Geun-Tae, a hit-maker responsible for Ivy’s ‘Sonata of Temptation’ and Yangpa’s ‘Love…What’s That’. Wheesung’s new album will come out on September 4th without the anticipated duet featuring BoA.

But don’t give up your hopes just yet. A source at Wheesng’s label OrangeShock said that the song might be released later as a digital single, since the song is just “too good” to be left unrecorded. Or, we can hope, it will be included in BoA’s upcoming Korean album.

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News/Image Source: Joongang Ilbo

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