BoA Kwon

Date of Birth: 11/5/1986
Birth Place: Korea
Ethnicity: Korean

BoA Kwon Biography
BoA Kwon is a South Korean singer. She is signed on with SM Entertainment (a Korean company) until 2012. Her record label has been actively trying to promote her as an international superstar, as she has released albums in Korea as well as Japan. Amongst Korean pop stars, BoA is one of the most influential in Japan due to her company’s active promotion of her music in Japan. However, the downside to SM Entertainment’s heavy promotion of her in Japan is the lack of her presence in Korea. Although still quite famous in Korea, she has been criticized for holding few concerts in Korea and for singing few Korean songs.

Much of her success is attributed to the fact that BoA is fluent in both Korean and Japanese, and she is also learning English. She has also sung versions of her songs in Mandarin. She writes some of her own lyrics and composes some original music.

With her songs No. 1, Valenti, and Listen to My Heart, BoA has broken several chart records in Korea and Japan. She is the top musical export from Korea.

BoA has re-signed an extended contract with SM Entertainment until 2012 for which she will receive 100,000 shares of SM Entertainment.

BoA is currently looking to expand into the film industry; her company is looking for a suitable Korean drama series for her to act in. Previously, she had experience doing voiceovers in the Korean version of the cartoon, Over the Hedge. She was rumored to be in the movie Slam Dunk, starring Jay Chou and Yao Ming, however, she had to back out of the movie due to scheduling conflicts.

In 2007 she was involved in a three-way scandal with Lee Jun Ki and Hyori Lee. The scandal originated after a picture of the three of them popped up on the internet. Lee Jun Ki responded by admitting he had a crush on his noona, Hyori Lee, and asked her to introduce him to a girlfriend, and she introduced to him BoA. When it was found out that Lee Jun Ki had only asked Hyori to introduce him a girlfriend as a way to somehow woo her (yes, quite a weird way to woo, but Lee Jun Ki isn’t quite normal); since then, BoA and Lee Jun Ki have reportedly gone their separate ways and have stopped communicating with eachother (Editor’s Note – Thank Goodness).

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