Blood test detected H.Pylori

h.pylori medication
I went for my routine blood test. The result came out and found out that I am infected with H. Pylori virus. The lab assistant advised me to seek for doctor consultation and get medication to kills those bacteria. Without much knowledge of it, off I went and search Google for further information.

Individuals infected with H. pylori have a 10 to 20% lifetime risk of developing peptic ulcers and a 1 to 2% risk of acquiring stomach cancer.[7] Inflammation of the pyloric antrum is more likely to lead to duodenal ulcers, while inflammation of the corpus (body of the stomach) is more likely to lead to gastric ulcers and gastric carcinoma. Wikipedia

IT’s seems to be a serious issue if it’s not taken care off. Without much ado, I paid a visit to next door clinic and get a solution towards it. The doctor prescribed me some medication which can refers to the picture above. Total of 4 pills to take for morning and night, after meal and 2 week course. It’s almost 3 weeks now, and yea, I’ve already finished the medication. But now I’ll need to do a follow up test to check if those viruses has been eliminated or vanished. I went back to my usual online dictionary, the wikipedia, read more on the diagnosis methods aside from blood test. Found out that there is another method which is carbon urea breath test and will plan to take up the test soon. Hopefully those medication that I ate have killed all the viruses.

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