Blessing Ceremony for TVB Anniversary Extravaganza

TVB’s 39th Anniversary Extravaganza show will be taking place this evening and some of the artistes, including Liza Wang, Carol Cheng and Nat Chan joined together for the show’s blessing ceremony to pray for everything to run smoothly.

Carol will be joining forces with Liza Wang and Nancy Sit to perform a ‘Beautiful Big Sis Cooking Birthday Banquet Special’ in the show and they have invited Nat, Michael Hui and Alan Tam to be their judges for the show. Bosco Wong, Ron Ng, Roger Kwok and Kevin Cheng will be playing the roles of the ‘assistants’, taking on character names of Abalone, Ginseng, Sharks Fin and Fish Stomach to build the atmosphere. Carol admits she is quite nervous about cooking, so she has been asking all her friends to teach her how to cook and she has received many cookbooks as gifts. She says: "I don’t usually cook and even burn fried eggs. I will be cooking sea cucumber in the show and I am scared that all of its innards and urine will spray all over me." Carol understands that Liza is also not a great cook, so this will be a breakthrough performance for them both. She thinks that Nancy will win hands down because she says her cooking skills are not bad. As for the choice of the four male leads to be assistants, Carol hopes that they will help to wipe their sweat and look after their valuables.

Nat will be joining Eric Tsang for a ‘waxworks’ act and a group of younger artistes will be playing waxwork figures, whilst Eric and Nat joke about their gossip. Talking of him and Alan being judges for the ‘Beautiful Big Sis Cooking’, Nat says: "Alan has called me five or six times and asked me what they will be doing. If this is the first event, then he does not know what to do afterwards. For me, I feel that if we are fine after eating the food, then we should invite Sir Run Run to come and join us."

Gregory Lee was asked for his response to his girlfriend Shirley Yeung being kissed and hugged by a foreigner in an earlier event and he said with resignation: "She is a pretty girl and there is nothing we can do. Of course I was worried about her, but I cannot be with her all the time, so I can’t help. (Do you mind your girlfriend dressing so sexily?) To be honest, as her boyfriend, then I do hope she does not do this, but if this is the arrangement by the organisers, then it will depend on the needs of her work and whether or not she is comfortable with this."

At another event, Joe Ma indicated he will not be attending tonight’s show because he has to film. However, he is not worried that people will think he is evading the show because he did not win an award. He says: "I am still filming for the company and I couldn’t fit it into my schedule." Asked if he is worried about being photographed when he is in Beijing, he says: "The media is hard to control, I can’t worry about it too much. (Will you employ a female assistant?) I am only going for a week, so there is no need yet. Even if I do, I will look at the person’s experience rather than whether they are male or female."

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