Bird Nest for Health?

Bird nest are believed to bring health benefits to those who consume it. But what exactly bird nest brings good to our health? That’s a question that ran through my mind.

In Chinese traditional medicine, bird nest is believed to be able to keep skin healthy and radiant and improve immune system. It’s also rich in nutritional content such as Amino acids, mineral salts, magnesium, zinc, manganese, iron, sodium and calcium. There was a scientific research done edible bird nest. There are plenty of articles published online which educates the difference between authentic and fake bird nest (in view of man make bird nest is increasing due to its’ increasing price).

I bought some bird nest from the local reputable store. It could be cheaper elsewhere but to get a peace of mind after taking it is worth it. My preferred choice currently is Eu Yan Sang.

Eu Yan Sang Happi Day Ready To Drink Bird NestEu yan sang house nestEu Yan Sang bird nest receipt

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