Big Rumour! Da S and Zai Zai’s love story has come to an end

Recently, where ever she goes, we always see “Da S” with her girl friends, no sight of Zai Zai, the youngest member of F4 to hang around her like we’ve seen before. Also, nowadays Da S has become a workaholic, and has no time to take care of Zai Zai, who has become terribly thin. Many people are suspecting that the “love story” between these two might have come to an end.

A friend of Da S has opened up that, nowadays Da S and Zai Zai rarely has no “relationship” between each other, and the two always have an excuse of saying “I have a lot of work” when ever someone asks them about their relationship. At the same time, their friends at work also have a feeling that something has changed between Da S and Zai Zai’s relationship. “Those two always fight about very small things. Zai Zai, who always smile easily, has become very dull, and when with his friends, he seems to be unhappy. It seems like the love relationship with Da S has made him very tired; physically, and emotionally”.

Meanwhile, as their friends are concern about Da S and Zai Zai’s relationship, Da S has told a news reporter in an interview saying that, “suddenly, I feel that there’s no need to get married!” “taking care of someone else…isn’t it better to have someone else to take care of me?” As these words have gone out in public, Da S’s friends feel that this is a sign of something. “These words shouldn’t possibly have come out of Da S’s mouth, who’s always crazy about getting married. It seems like she has no interest in Zai Zai anymore. She has said that she wanted to break up with him before, but we all thought that she was just joking.”

As for Zai Zai, who’s always been reported that he’s frequently been to Da S’s house, if just seen from the outer surface, it will look as if he has received a lot of great care from Da S. But actually, Zai Zai is unhappy. Zai Zai has once told his friend that, “Both Da S and her mom are adults, who frequently looked over his feelings. They always told him to do whatever they want, even his friends included. Although he felt annoyed, but all he could do was to obey them without saying a word”.

Zai Zai has once experienced a very difficult situation of “forcing to get married” by his mother-in law (Da S’s mom). After he started dating Da S for a short period of time, Da S’s mom has told the public that Da S and Zai Zai are planning to get married, having Zai Zai to come live with Da S. Also, Da S’s mom has announced during Xiao S’s wedding that both Da S and Zai Zai will get married soon. But on the same day, Zai Zai has opened up to his manager that “he knows what he wants, and that in 3 years, he has no intention of getting married.” Thus, not to get embarrassed after hearing this, Da S’s mom has said, “well, this year Da S won’t get married yet. She’s very happy with her life right now. So let’s talk about the wedding later”.

According to a news report, after forcing to get Zai Zai married failed, Da S was very angry. Once got rejected, many times Da S has talked back in interviews saying that, “In my life, the best boyfriend I ever had was Chen Jian Chou (ex-boyfriend). We’ve known each other since highschool, so in other words, it’s like we’ve grown up together, and so I feel that I guy who knows how to take care of others like Jian Chou is a perfect guy for me”.

Other than this, whenever Da S is in love, she turns to be a very sensitive person. After Xi Wei Lun, Zai Zai’s ex-girlfriend has passed away, Zai Zai became careless of his looks, growing out his beard, and became very thin. This has made Da S to be very hurt and disappointed. She often tells this to her friends, and she felt that she herself has done so many things for Zai Zai, but still couldn’t make him forget about Wei Lun. Da S has said that, “if she knows that her boyfriend doesn’t want her anymore, then she will be the one who will call it quits.”

Both Da S and Zai Zai began their love relationship after both of them were heart broken from their past relationship. Zai Zai once said in an interview that he just realized how Da S was important to him after he had a car accident, and Da S was very worried and came to the accident scene.

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