Big budget cut because of rumor that Pres Chou will not continue his contract

Jay Chou’s 7 year contract with Alfa record company is about to end. It is rumored that he plans on starting his own company and will be supported by the rich businessman, Lin Jian Yue, from Hong Kong, who has recently stepped into the entertainment business. It is also rumored that because Alfa knows that it can’t keep Jay, they have greatly cut his publication budget for his album that will be released in the beginning of September.

7 years ago, Jay Chou suddenly became a hit and became Alfa’s boss’s money tree. He continued the record sales championship, had non-stop commercial invitations, continuous concerts, and even stepped into the movie arena the past 2 years and his popularity still has not dropped.

Because Jay also knows clearly that his sparkling achievements in the music arena comes along with increased pay, he puts his full effort in every time he releases an album. The record company also spends lots of money without hesitation. Every album has had almost a 20 million (NT*) budget for publication. The media exposure can also be said to be wide-spread, but the publication budget for the upcoming album in Spetember is different from the past. It appears as if it has only gotten half the budget and has surprised many in the entertainment industry.
*Taiwanese currency

Facing this news, Alfa cautiously denies it. The publication manager Zhang Lan Yun bluntly said: “The company’s contract with Jay ends next year. It is obvious that we will use adequate budgets to support him and show our sincerity in keeping him.” She expresses that they plan on filming 10 MVs for Jay’s new album and each one has a high budget. “Since we filmed great MVs, it is obvious that we would give him enough publication money to let ensure that the MVs are well exposed.”

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