Bernice Liu’s JSG Newcomer Award Does Not Receive Positive Reaction from Audience

Despite this year’s list of hot contenders for TVB’s Jade Solid Gold Newcomer Award, Bernice Liu ended up bringing home the award. Since Bernice is TVB’s contracted artist, it was inevitable that there would be rumors of the results being "fixed." When the award results were announced, the audience did not have any reaction. While singing, Bernice ran short of breath and it was difficult to hear what she was singing.

Many female artists such as Twins, Cheng Yung, Tse On Kei, and Wing Yi wore tube dresses and revealed their sexy shoulders last night at JSG’s award ceremony.

Cheng Yung was one of the first singers to receive an award last night for her song "Red Green Light." Host Eric Tsang poked fun at Cheng Yung’s petite frame, saying she was Lam San San’s successor.

Alex Fong, Stephy Cheng, Wong Yuen Chi, Cheung Ging Hin etc. made their appearances as rumored couples during their performances.

Eric Tsang pointed out that less singers make their appearances at the Jade Solid Gold award ceremonies year after year. The trend is like a long term illness and this year’s awards had the lowest artist attendance rate.

Andy Lau also said there is no more "fairness" nor "unfairness" about the award results. Andy said, "Attending the JSG awards gives me happiness, fame, and a chance to spend time with fans. I continue to support JSG. Hopefully everyone will not find me too thick-skinned [by continuing to attend] and blocking other people!"

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