Bernice Liu Took Part in a Promotional Event for Lipton Yesterday

Bernice Liu took part in a promotional event for Lipton yesterday, where she led the audience in a demonstration of fifteen yoga stances. Bernice’s best stance was the ‘skating’ and the single legged pose. Although she did very well, she has been busy filming lately and she has not had a good night’s sleep for five days and therefore has not had any time to practice. As you have to practise Yoga regularly, she has been stretching herself in between takes with some simple exercises and she laughs that to have the chance to do some proper yoga makes her very excited.

With recent magazine reports that Moses Chan has been bombarding her with phone calls to try and win back her love and that he has been seeking her out in the studios, but she has not taken any notice of him and being very cold to him and further reports that her parents don’t like Moses because he is not rich, Bernice says that she does not need to take any notice of these rumours. She says frankly that the reports make her very unhappy, because they involve her parents and she needs her parents to console her. As her parents often join her on set, then they know many artistes quite well and when asked if they like Moses, Bernice laughs that her parents like all her colleagues. As for them disliking Moses because of his lack of money, Bernice feels that in life money just comes and goes.

Also at the event were Ron Ng and newcomer Nicky Hung, who demonstrated Yoga Active Dance. Ron says this is the first time he has done a dance that involved Yoga moves and laughs that he is not built for Yoga because he cannot put his foot behind his head. He explains this is because he is not very flexible and laughs that he has stiff ligaments, but he can do the splits.

It was Ron’s 27th birthday on 2nd September and asked how he spent it, he says that he had to work on that day, but a group of colleagues celebrated with him in what was a rather short birthday. He laughs: "That night, there was Michael Tao, Sammul Chan, Power Chan and Lee Ka Sing. Sammul announced that the next scene was ‘Ron’s birthday’ and we spent about seven or eight minutes eating the cake before we continued filming." As they were filming in a male changing room scene, there were no girls around then. As for whether he has celebrated with rumoured girlfriend Ella Koon, Ron says directly that he hasn’t.

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