Bernice Liu Saves Steven Ma’s Life

It is typical for a man to save a beautiful woman’s life, but have you heard of a beautiful woman saving a handsome man’s life? In a scene for "The Entire City Dances," Bernice Liu Bik Yi rescued Steven Ma Chun Wai from being hit by a car. Bernice filmed the scene without the use of a stunt double and protection pads! After "The Brink of Law," Bernice and Steven are again paired up in "The Entire City Dances." Aside from many dancing sequences, there are also numerous action scenes. Placing a twist on a conventional story plot, the director decided to have Bernice rescue Steven from a speeding car. Steven was crossing the street and a car came crashing towards his direction. Bernice dove in front of Steven and pushed him away, getting hit by the car and falling to the ground herself instead.

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