Bernice Liu & Moses Chan Model Matching Watches

A famous watch paired with a beautiful woman is a visual enjoyment.

Earlier Bernice Liu Bik Yi and Moses Chan Ho received the Best Onscreen Couple Award at Malaysia’s Astro TV Awards. Bernice and Moses modelled watches for Audemars Piguet’s newest collection earlier, with the onscreen lovers appearing highly compatible.

Despite drawing a clear line on their romantic rumors, Bernice and Moses do not mind appearing together as a “couple” for work. They had great chemistry during the shooting of the ad and would have no problem collaborating in a future series.

Due to filming series, Moses and Bernice have become very punctual. They both said in agreement, “A precise and accurate watch is very important for work, as an artist must be punctual.”

Bernice and Moses are avid watch lovers and collect suitable items. Moses loved the limited edition Audemars Piguet Queens Cup watch worth $288,000 (HKD), which was studded with 18k rose gold. “I would love to own it, but it is a symbol of someone established in fame and fortune, which is also my goal.”
“Bernice demonstrated 2 watch models, as part of the Danae and Dream Collections, worth $468,00 and $213,000 (HKD), studded in white gold and diamonds.

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