Bernice Liu in Diamonds and Short Dress at Promotion

Bernice Liu wore a short dress and a sparkly diamond watch to attend a press event for Globe 7 VoIP in Central yesterday as she joined the directors to launch the service. She indicates that she has done all the preparations to avoid revealing herself and her watch is worth $178,000. She bought it as a reward for herself after working so hard earlier. She says: “I have always liked watches, so I have collected over ten different designs of watches.”

This network allows people to pay just one flat fee to telephone any of 25 areas landline and mobile phones. For Bernice, whose family is spread throughout the world, then this product is good news because for just one price she can keep in touch with all her family. At the event, the company arranged for Bernice to call her brother in Beijing using the service, but Bernice became very wary about what they spoke about and included a lot of English in their conversation. Bernice denied that she was worried about making a public call and explained that her brother’s Chinese is not that good, so if she spoke in Chinese, then she would have to repeat herself a few times before he understood, so she decided to speak in English instead. During the conversation, she revealed that she will be working in Beijing soon, so she will be visiting her brother then.

Bernice was full of praises for the new product and says: “The phone was very convenient and as long as you have a network, then you can use it and when you are abroad, you just have to be on the net and you can use it. As my family are all over, then we often have to use long distance calls to keep in touch and the monthly bill is quite high. My most expensive bill was over $6000 in a month. With this network phone, then it will save me a lot of money.”

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