Bernice Liu in ‘Evian Palace’

Bernice Liu attended the ‘Evian Palace’ function as Snow White last night. During the group photo session, a male was seen making contact with Bernice’s chest with his elbow. After the incident, Bernice expressed that she did not feel anything and believed the misunderstanding was caused by the sight angle.

When asked if she dreamt of being a princess as a child, Bernice replied, “I am a princess! Ever since I came to work in Hong Kong, everyone has been treating me like a princess by taking good care of me. I use to be the princess in my family but ever since by dogs gave birth to three puppies, I have become the maid of five dogs. (Does Moses call you his princess?) No, he calls me Bernice.” Besides being a maid, Bernice moved into a more spacious apartment so that her dogs could have a bigger play space. But when questioned how big her apartment was and in which suburb, Bernice refused to disclose anything because she was afraid of paparazzi following her.

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