Bernice Liu Films Bath Scen in Ad

It was Bernice Liu’s third year as the spokesmodel for feminine hygiene product, Lactacyd. The day before, Bernice spent 21 hours filming a new television ad for the brand. Her images in the ad included a knight, office lady, and beach girl. For one of the scenes, Bernice was filmed emerging from a bath.

Bernice rarely filmed bath scenes, thus she was scrupulous towards every detail in working with the photographer.

“I love the new images in the ad. The bath scene was filmed beautifully and the results healthy.”

Bernice noted that Hong Kong women were often taboo in discussing female hygiene. She hopes to use her status as a celebrity to rectify this attitude.
“Each woman should know how to take care of herself, especially in the area of hygiene. There is no need to be awkward in discussing it.”

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