Bernice Liu and Moses Chan still couple?

Rumoured couple Bernice Liu and Moses Chan were earlier reported breaking up. Yesterday Bernice attended an event and an child was arranged to dress up as the “Cute version of Moses Chan”. They held hands as they went on stage. Bernice claimed that she didn’t know anything about the arrangements beforehand. When she knew about it she was very shocked but did not mind because she was used to the rumors already. Most important is that everyone is happy.

Bernice complimented “Cute version Moses Chan” having a pair of attractive eyes. Not only did they play games together but he also gave her flowers and a kiss. This made Bernice extremely happy and she returned a kiss. Bernice was also a judge for the “Baby Olympics contest”. She awarded the winning baby girl with a prize. The baby girl started to grab hold of her necklace while Bernice was carrying her. This caused plenty of laughters.

Bernice said that she has always been fond of children and hopes to give birth to 7 in the future. It doesn’t matter if they are boys or girls as long as they can create a band or form a soccer team. She said “Originally I wanted to have a baby at the age of 24, now I am 29 and still haven’t given birth. I have to have kids before I reach the age of 41. (Asked if she wants to get married soon?) “I haven’t met someone suitable for marriage yet and it’s not down to how I want things to be.”

Olympic events cannot be controlled

The series “When a Dog loves a Cat” broadcasted the finale a day ago but because it had to adapt to the Olympic event over running it was shown later in the evening. She stated that because of the Olympic events, its very hard to control what time drama’s will be shown on television. The reporter mentioned that Myolie Wu appeared slowly floating into the camera in the last scene like a ghost that made many people suddenly uncomfortable. Bernice immediately started laughing and smiled saying she didn’t know what the reporter was talking about.

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