Bernice Defends Her Parents Who Are Rumored To Dislike Moses

The Central Branch of Chinese Arts and Crafts opened yesterday and held a "Summer Attraction" event to showcase some jewellery, with Bernice Liu and Eunis Chan leading the models adorned with diamond jewellery.

Bernice says that she prefers jewellery with a simple design and the first time she received jewellery as a gift was when she graduated from high school and her father bought her diamond jewellery. With recent reports that her parents dislike Moses Chan because he is not rich enough, Bernice scolds the press for having no morals for even pulling her parents into their stories even though they are not in the public eye. She also points out that her parents have never given an interview of this sort. As an artiste, she does not mind stories being written about herself, but they should not extend this to her family because this affects them greatly. As for the other elements of the reports, she will not respond to them.

Eunis showed off jewellery worth $2 million and she says that she likes all precious gems, but she will not be moved when she is working. If she has the ability to buy them in the future, then she will buy a set and pass them down from generation to generation.

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