Because of sister’s death, TANK has delayed a lot of his work

TANK’s sister passed away last week due to a heart attack. TANK said that his sister went to sleep but never woke up the next morning. Because of this incident, TANK has stopped and delayed some of his projects. Due to this accident, he tells everyone to be careful and cherish their body.

TANK will be releasing his album next year, so he has been busy with work and had to guest on a show yesterday as a judge. It wasnt until then that everyone knew about his sister’s death. TANK said that he has just taken his sister’s body to cremate, but many of his friends didnt know about the whole accident

His company reveals that within TANK’s family, his sister is his only sibling, so their relationship is really close. Her death has made a huge impact on him. When his seniors, S.H.E, heard about this, they sent their condolences through SMS. As of now he has stopped all his projects on hand, but he will still attend as a guest for S.H.E’s concert on the 16th.

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