Beautiful Cooking” Held its Finale by the Sea

Ratings puller “Beautiful Cooking” has a reputation for pretty girls and fragrant food, but the turnout for the location filming of the show on the beaches of Phuket were rather disappointing with just Akina Hong daring to bare!

Taking the show for a finale special beside the sea, the crew were granted special permission from the local authorities to use water scooters in the area. Originally, the guest list had included flirting model Amanda Strang, but she did not appear in the end and the beauties invited were Gia Lam, Akina Hong, Angie Cheung, Samantha Chow and Iris Wong, with a majority of them being labelled as ‘middle aged’.

The most disappointing thing was that despite her great figure, Angie kept herself under wraps and would not remove her life jacket to reveal her swimsuit, throughout the show. She later explained that after moving into business, she did not want to upset her image and she had already told TVB that she would not be appearing in her swimsuit. Of the guests, Akina proved to be the most attractive and holding up this episode of the show with her seductive look of her life jacket giving the image that she was not wearing anything underneath.

Reported to have a tattoo of his rumoured girlfriend Charlene Choi’s name on his arm, Ronald Cheng did not reveal anything as he wore a long sleeved wetsuit and wetpants for the show. He smiled: “I have taken on a whitening ad, so I can’t let myself tan!” As for the reports that one of the female hostesses on the show Suen Wai Suet being particularly attentive to Edmond Leung, they seemed to avoid each other carefully during the water games.

When the cast and crew arrived on the island, bad weather cancelled their shoot at the local night market, so they all took the chance to go and try the local seafood, Edmond was particularly happy as he got rather merry drinking a lot of beer and Ronald was also a little flushed. They both said that due to the close following of press, they daren’t go to the bars.

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