Barbie’s birthday, ZaiZai proposes as a surprise

Barbie’s 30th birthday this years falls on Mid-Autumn festival, and ZaiZai pushed back all his work so he can be with his girlfriend to celebrate both events. It was said that ZaiZai had planned out a "propsal" for her big birthday surprise this year, but Barbie denied. HsuMaMa also adds: "Cannot get married this year!"

Romantic Mid-Autumn
Last year when DaZaiLian was exposed, Barbie was rumored to want marriage as her birthday present. She wanted to let the public know on her birthday, which scared everyone. During that time, HsuMaMa’s image of ZaiZai wasnt that deep nor well, and XiaoS also leaked that if he wanted to become their brother-in-law or son-in-law, he had a long way to go.

Ate at a French resturant
Lately, ZaiZai has been in HK filing for his virgin movie, "Flying Butterfly," and since his girlfriends birthday is on the same day as Mid-Autumn, he has already planned on dropping all his work and flying back. Rumors has it that he also planned to propose to her because that is what Barbie’s been wanting since last year.

Last night, ZaiZai went to the Hsu’s, but when he saw the reporters, he went inside to hide out for a bit. When they left, they headed to a French resturant. When asked if this was part of his proposal, DaS commented: "No!" but her faces was full of smiles.

As for her thoghts on Barbie’s marriage, HsuMaMa replied: "As for my daughers marriage, i think this year is not good." Good friend PaceWu says: "Really? If so, then i envy." As for their manager, the reply was: "I never heard anything of it, but i dont oppose to anyone wanting to get married." But Makiyo’s mother suddenyl jumps in the picture and adds: "If they get married now, i oppose. He should wait until he grows out a beard. At least he should be like Mike, XiaoS’s husband, should be over 30." If so, then the 25year old ZaiZai must wait another 5 years.

The history of DaZaiLian
2005/07 ZaiZai got into a car accident. DaS rushed to the scene and gave him her hug and comfort. DaZaiLian was "exposed"
2005/07 DaS admits to her and ZaiZai’s relationship, admits to being boyfriend and girlfriend
2005/09 ZaiZai takes her out for a ride in his car, car accident. DaS never wanted to ride in his car again
2005/09 DaZaiLian is at its highest, ZaiZai goes in and out of the Hsu’s as if it’s his own home
2005/12 DaZaiLian is rumored to get married.
2006/04 ZaiZai buys a parking space at the Hsu’s, rumored to have already taken wedding photos
2006/05 ZaiZai films "Delicious Relationship," DaS examines the script first, seeing if ZaiZai has any intimate scenes.

Barbie turns 30, HsuMaMa: Still cannot get married
Yesterday was Barbie’s 30th birthday, and concidently, it was the Mid-Autum Festival as well. To get rid of the papparazzi, XiaoS and husband Mike sped away in their car, acting out a quite dangerous scene. Neighbour Makiyo and boyfriend Milton also came to liven up the atmosphere. Racecar driver ZaiZai just stayed and accompanied girlfriend DaS.

Last year for Barbie’s birthday, ZaiZai went to the Hsu’s house on the night of the 5th, at 11:55pm surprising Barbie. This year ZaiZai has a new idea; after the filming in HK, ZaiZai flew back to Taiwan. Asides from going to school and catching up on his studies, ZaiZai went to the Hsu’s house almost everyday to report back to DaS.

Yesterday, the first thing HsuMaMa did was read the newspaper. She laughingly says: "It’s my homework. Last night we went for grandma’s for a get-together dinner, nothing special about the birthday. XiYuan(Barbie) doesnt like to celebrate her birthday, and doesnt allow us to talk about it in public. I always say that her birthday, it’s me that should be star, you should thank me!" After saying that, she also added: "You guys better not come and take pictures, DaS hates that."

Around 4:30 HsuMaMa left the house, and met up with Makiyo, her boyfriend Milton, and Makiyo’s mom by chance. Makiyo and her boyfriend were really sweet and close, locking their ten fingers together.

When night came, around 6:30, a black car pulled up at the Hsu’s house, and the security guard told the reporters: "It’s DaJie’s husband, dont take pictures." Not long after, the car was pulling out, and in the drivers seat was Mike, with XiaoS. Because the speed of the car was too fast, the reporters tried to chase but couldnt catch up. No one knows if ZaiZai and Barbie with also present in the car because it was impossible to tell.

Around 8, the reporters get through to HsuMaMa. She replied: "AiYo, it’s Mid-Autumn, you guys shuld go home and reunite with your family too. We are at grandma’s, and plus DaS doesnt like to celebrate, so theres nothing special." For the past 2 days, the reporters havent seen ZaiZai in the cars or at the Hsu’s place, is something wrong? HsuMaMa answers: "No, they are well, nothing is wrong."

As for getting married, HsuMaMa explains: "No hurry, our contract is a contract, we cant marry whenever we want." All the Hsu’s sisters have their other-halves to spend Mid-Autumn with, they entire family is very happy and content.

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