Barbie and Vic together In the series [Tears of the Fruit]?

The ratings for CTV’s idol drama [Corner with Love] are really high. Xiao Zhu, Da S, Chen Zhi Hai and Teng Gang Ding had a celebration yesterday. Xiao Zhu proudly announces that if the average rating is above 5 points, he will go bungee jumping wearing a pink superman outfit. Recently, Xiao Zhu is a spokesperson for a cellphone, and there are rumours that he asked the company to give him a pink cellphone to give to his rumoured girlfriend, Selina. Yesterday he cleared up the issue and said, “It is I who likes pink.”

Earlier, Chen Zhi Hai was seen to be having dinner with Tian Xin. Yesterday, he frankly said, “She is only my senior, we don’t even call each other.”

When Xiao Zhu was asked about the rumours between his friend Jolin Tsai and Pang Yu An, he seriously said, “After I come to understand, I can confirm that they are only friends.”

There are also rumours about Da S and Vic breaking up, and Vic has been super skinny. The producers said that it is because Vic cut his hair, and he lost some of the water from his body.

The ratings for [Corner With Love] is really good, so producer has decided to film a second part. But she says that she is currently focusing on the drama which is planned to start in July, as of now the drama’s name is [Tears of the Fruit], featuring F3. Regarding Jerry, she is still unsure whether or not he will be able to participate in the series. Recently, she has been troubled about who to choose for the girl lead. Nominees include: Da S. Crystal Liu, Angela Zhang, Gua Lun Yi…are all her choices. But she is worried that if Da S and Vic are together in a series, there will be many discussions about it, so she is still in the process of deciding.

[Tears of the Fruit] Da S with Vic??

Zhi Ping is eagerly trying to find a main girl lead for the new idol-drama [Tears of the Fruit]. Yesterday, she announced the list, including: Da S, Gua Lun Yi, Angela Zhang are all in the list. Regarding Da S and her boyfriend Zai Zai together as a couple, Zhi Ping is not worried about the ratings, but she is curious to know, “Would you guys want to see their bed scenes the most?”

In Zhi Ping’s new idol-drama [Tears of the Fruit] it is confirmed that F3 will take part, but the main girl lead has still not be chosen yet, in the entertainment circle, she has thought about all the main lead actresses, she also admits that she has thought about pairing Zai Zai and Da S together, but she is worried about the point that “Da S’s acting is really good and no there’s nothing to say about it, but is it really that good having a real couple on screen?

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