Bao Fu Ling, Shengxiang Zhuanggu Gao and Simengdi bio-gold pearl cream

I thought I have blogged on those two product which I bought when I went to Beijing the previous trip, but apparently it’s not.
Shengxiang Zhuanggu Gao
I got to know “Bao Fu Ling” from a colleague, in which she knows that I were planning to go Beijing and she ask for me to get one for her. She also asked me to get “Shengxiang Zhuanggu Gao” for her. Being my first time to China, I did not know there are herbs there which are quite popular here in Malaysia. So I helped her to get it for her and to my surprise, quite a number of travelers in my same trip also bought those two from “Bao Shu Tang“, the name of the shop. They also sell other products aside from those two and if my memory serves me right, accessories made of guasa like comb and jewelleries made of magnet mechanism. It’s said to improve blood circulation using those.
On a seperate trip, we were also brought to a place which sells the Simengdi Bio-Gold Pearl Cream. After going few of their “compulsory” shops, I started to realised their sales person are really “aggressive”. If you have went to any of our local “ogawa” or “osim” shop, then their selling skills are many fold more persuasive than what you experience here. And yes, that literally means they successfully persuaded us to get the cream in bulk (shared among our members in tour). I got one and have been using it for half year which just manage to finish it yesterday and what I could comment on the product is, it works quite well. The skin appears to be more smooth and bright, even those old marks on the skin are gone. I’ll recommend those products to anyone who wants to try. In fact, I’ll even ask around if anyone plans to go over to help me buy some back here.

But just so if you are not aware, Bao Shu Tang has apparently setup a website which sells Bao fu ling and also Shengxiang Zhuanggu Gao online. If you are thinking of giving it a try and can’t find someone who are going over there, probably could head over to their site and buy.

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