Bada’s new nickname “Music Child Prodigy”

Singer Bada now has a "Music child prodigy" alternative nickname. In the MV of single "GoGoGo" released not long ago "Although I’m Short" is in actual fact a song she composed at the age of 10.

Although widely known that Bada has been a great singer since a young age, nobody knew that at such a innocent and naive age she has the ability to compose songs. A subtle melody and lyrics with feelings, together with Bada’s slender-quality tiny voice’s nobody would have dared to think it came from a 10-year old girl. Therefore went to meet Bada, to find out the story of "Although I’m Short" and how it came about.

"Child Music Prodigy?"

The mention of it makes Bada’s who usually likes to laugh, burst into laughter, using her slender fingers to conceal her little face.

"Are you unhappy about the new nickname?"

Bada: "No. ‘Child music prodigy’? You flatter me. When I was little and my dad’s health was not good, we had to travel to the countryside for his treatments. As the countryside was too remote, only the neighbouring village had a postal box. To reach to the neighbouring village I had to walk through a winding road that was full of acacia trees. So I felt bored, and hummed a couple of lines, and there came about ‘Although I’m Short’. In my mouth I held an acacia flower and sang about what a kind of person I would want to be when I grow up."

What’s surprising is that ‘Although I’m Short’ is not a composition that was composed with notes on a music score. It was through humming and coincidently evolved to be a song. Throughout the 17 years she has seemingly sung it every day, therefore she does not even know herself when it had evolved into a complete song.

Bada, who turned into a professional singer, in the 9 years after her professional debut, inserted this song ‘Although I’m Short’, a Road-Movie style form of MV production into her MV, Bada’s pure attraction, ‘full of white sugar, coffee cafe’ and ‘Although I’m Short’ song has attracted listener’s attention, and wanted to know the meaning within.

"full of white sugar, cafe coffee, what does that mean?"

Bada: "ah… ha ha ha." Bada’s hearty laughter came across again. The director of the MV this time told me ‘Everything is up to you. Bring out everything that you can say and express them out.’ The director had a look at all 50 different types of lines. In the beginning didn’t know what they were for. After that then I understood they were to be inserted into the MV. I like the coffee in the cafe. Full of white sugar( Bada laughs). ‘Although I’m Short’ is also because it is of very even higher importance to me, thats why it was sung."

"What made you insert it into the MV?"

Bada: " ‘Although I’m Short’ has brought me the hope of ‘what kind of a person I want to be’ and the strength of ‘in times of difficulty also have to perservere’ a kind of song. After I started as a professional singer, everytime when I’m faced with difficulty I would still continue to sing this song. Everytime I sing this song, I would think of the past. Because of my dad’s poor health, it was also a period that was most difficult for me. Therefore everytime I sang this song I would think ‘even that most difficult time I have beared past, after being a singer why do I even have to think now is difficult.’ And also I am determined to motivate the young people now who are like me, therefore it is also accomplished one of my greatest wishes(laughs)."

Not only that, the song also contains Bada’s main reason of wanting to be a singer. Since she was young, Bada had hoped to use her voice to help people. And because of that, she is able to continue on, and wants to bring her hopes and dreams to everyone in the future with her songs in the future.

Bada: "Now my friends often call me and asks ‘Sung Hee(Bada’s real name) ya, sing me a song.’ They said my song specially sung to them gave them a form of solace. Come to think of it, this is the role I have been playing since I was little. It can also be considered as a reason why I wanted to be a singer. I’ve always wished my voice would provide those who listened to my songs a form of encouragement, and I would feel catharsis."

Although its a pity that "Although I’m Short" did not find its way into the current single album, but after listening to Bada, would think of giving Bada a call when I’m having difficulty in the future. And Bada would joke and tell to listen to the new single instead.

Bada: "This single was of no burden for both the company and me (laughs). Concept? Its just ‘Bada’. Under the restrictions of not being too unconserved, to think of enjoying freedom, and has allowed for my own development. I am able to express myself freely in the MV, song and stage, without any restrictions.
Also, I do not consider myself as an artiste, so as to bring forth any message, it will be to shout at the same direction with everyone. Its just because I am a singer, therefore I am using my song to shout. And hence it has provided more freedom in the form of expression."

Bada, with her new single ‘GoGoGo’ is making a comeback to the performing stage. Thinking of carrying freedom in the song and bringing relieve to people, to Bada, to myself, and to everyone who are seriously carrying on with life to shout ‘Fighting’.

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