Bada Won the South Korean Performing Arts 2006 “Female Dance Award”,

Bada will receives this award on 31st Oct 5pm at Seoul Children’s Park Arts Hall at the ‘South Korean Performing Arts Awards’ ceremony. This award will also be presented by the President of South Korea.

This event under the Arts tourism ministry, is a celebration event specially organized for Korean’s performing artistes and the event has gone into its 13th year.

After receiving news of getting the award, Bada felt very happy. A spokesman from Bada’s company said this award Bada received was bigger than any award that was ever received, and she felt so thankful that it had put tears in her eyes.

Bada, after three albums as a solo artiste has given fans a deep impression. As a solo artiste, she has also performed for tens of thousands in big scale concerts. "South Korea Performing Arts Female Dance Award" is the best achievement the three albums achieved, and so even more precious.

Bada’s artiste management company was so happy and to even said that:"During SES days, she has also received many awards. But this time it is an award that she worked for herself. Bada in recognition of her fans’ love and support this year, has strengthened her position as a diva-status singer."

Bada, to thank her fans has a present in store for them in the form of the recording of her latest single album.

translated by pada82 from Ob.SES.sed?

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