BADA – Voted the Coolest by Models

Singer Bada has been judged the "Coolest" Female Artiste. 3000 Korean models were asked to vote on well-dressed artistes and Bada was voted as being the coolest and having the most feminine image.

Bada will be attending the 2006 Korea Model Festival held at JW Marriott Hotel in Seoul at 6:30PM on January 19th to receive the special award in the Korean artiste category.

On the 2nd anniversary of the "Korean Model Festival", Bada who received the award expressed: "To be participating in this meaningful event I feel that it is a very happy thing, and to also receive an award I am very appreciative. This year I will display an even cooler and feminine image."

Also, Bada has also been invited to the opening ceremony of the "Korean-Chinese Bilateral Ties 15th Annniversary" from February 3rd to March 11th, where she will stage a Powerful performance.

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