Bada to Sing Before 100,000 Audiences in China

Singer Bada will perform before some 100,000 Chinese audience members at the opening ceremony of a culture festival marking the 15th year of Korean-Chinese bilateral ties. The gala runs from February third to March eleventh.

The powerful female vocalist was invited because of rave reviews of her passionate performance at last year’s FI Korean Wave concert.

The annual festival, aimed at enhancing bilateral understanding, features traditional folk performances, fireworks and mulitmedia shows and gathers some five million every year. Part of the proceeds will help Chinese children suffering from heart disease afford surgery.

Bada says the Chinese authorities strongly asked her to come sing. Some 100,000 are expected to attend the opening ceremony.

The singer’s aide says the invitation itself is an honor but to have such a large audience "adds delight."

Bada says that she will show the best of a Korean female singer in Beijing.

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