Bad Breath… smelly mouth

Bad breath is the common name for the medical condition known as halitosis (say: ha-luh-toe-sus). There are many different things that can cause halitosis – from not brushing your teeth to certain medical conditions.

Sometimes, a person’s bad breath can blow you away – and he or she may not realize there’s a problem. There are tactful (nice) ways of letting a person know that he or she has bad breath. You could offer mints or sugarless gum without having to say anything.

If you need to tell a friend he or she has bad breath, you could say that you understand foods can cause bad breath because you’ve had it before yourself. By letting someone know that bad breath isn’t something unusual, you’ll make the person feel more comfortable and less embarrassed about accepting your piece of chewing gum.

If you suspect your own breath is foul, ask someone who will give you an honest answer without making fun of you. (Just don’t ask your brother or sister – they just might tell you your breath stinks even when it doesn’t!) Although everyone gets bad breath sometimes, if you have bad breath a lot, you may need to visit your dentist or doctor

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