Back to school Feng Shui

Back-to-school themed commercials are popping up more and more frequently on my TV screen these days, and some of our local schools are already back in session. Here are some feng shui tips for supporting the academic performance of any students in your family.

Academic success is associated with ken gua, often called the “Knowledge” area. If you use the doorway orientation for the ba gua (my preference for interior spaces, especially for individual rooms), ken gua is the near left corner as you enter the room. If you choose to use the compass instead, the Knowledge area is the NE sector of your home or of a room. If there are several students in your household, a good place for feng shui enhancements is the Knowledge area of your living room, or of any room where your kids often do their homework (dining room, den, etc.). Of course, ken gua within each student’s bedroom will also be important.

If you can, try to set up a study area somewhere in ken gua – in the Knowledge area of the entire home, in the Knowledge area of the living room or den, or in the Knowledge area of the student’s bedroom. For a student, having the desk in ken gua (if possible) is more important than placing the desk in the Command Position with a view of the doorway. Keep in mind also the importance of avoiding “secret arrows” or sha chi (harmful energy) from sharp corners, overhead beams, and the edges of furniture such as bookcases. If placing the study desk in ken gua will expose the student to sha chi that you cannot correct or remove, then it’s better to place the desk somewhere else. In that case, it will be especially important to add some kind of symbolic feng shui enhancement to the Knowledge area.

Because the Knowledge area is associated with the earth element, all earth-type colors (browns, beiges, yellows) and ceramic, stone and crystal objects are good accents for ken gua. Fire – represented by red colors or by a bright light – is also good in ken gua, because fire creates and supports earth.

You can use any of the following symbols to enhance Knowledge, either in ken gua of the home or room, or in ken gua of the desktop itself (the front left corner, or NE sector). If placing a Knowledge symbol on top of the desk is not practical, see if you can place it inside a drawer on the left-hand side of the desk, or on a windowsill to the left of the desk.

Feng shui knowledge symbols to support academic success include:
– Any kind of natural crystal, especially if beige, brown, or yellow in color.
– Eight crystals in a ceramic bowl (eight is the number associated with ken gua).
– A globe (representation of the entire earth) is a popular feng shui symbol for ken gua; many feng shui retailers sell small crystal globes specifically for the Knowledge area.
– A picture of a mountain (the mountain is a symbol of ken gua) – either in ken gua or hung on the wall behind the student’s chair where it provides support. If using in the supportive position, avoid mountain pictures with large lakes or glaciers, as the presence of so much water in the picture will make it less effective.
– A bright light (you’ll want good task lighting for the desk anyway). Avoid any desk lamp design with sharp angles, as these could potentially be a source of sha chi. Rounded shapes are better.
– Anything red, to represent fire energy. Keep in mind that red is best used as an accent color. Too much red – especially in a bedroom – can be over-stimulating. Pink is a nice option for young girls.

Keep in mind that these are suggestions, not a shopping list! You don’t have to use all of these symbols. In fact, “less is more” is a good rule for feng shui as in other areas of life. One symbol alone can be very strong, because it is a focal point. If you add too many symbols and accessories in one area they just turn into feng shui clutter. Keep your feng shui enhancements simple and focused.

For high school students looking ahead to college, li gua (Fame and Reputation) is also a good focal point. The Fame area is in the center of the far wall of the space, or in the south sector if you use the compass. Make a collage of photographs of your first choice college, and display it in li gua to represent your intention to become a student at that school. Another good place to display your collage is where you will face it when studying at your desk (whatever is directly ahead of you is a kind of virtual li gua). Make sure that your collage includes a photograph of a graduation ceremony. Place a cutout photo of your own face over one of the students’ faces – someone holding or receiving a diploma is great. Label the photo “Class of [your graduating year].” After all, the point of being accepted to your first-choice college is to graduate from it, not just to enroll there.

High school and college students can also make use of chien gua (Helpful Friends and Mentors; the near right corner of a space, or the NW sector) to ensure support from teachers and advisors. Write the names of all your teachers, professors, and advisors on a piece of white paper – or create one on the computer and add a photo of each person, too. Place this list in chien gua of your desk, such as in the top right-hand drawer, or on the front right corner of the desk under a blotter.

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    hehe! feng shu eh? i’m chinese…so i know a bit about it XD hehehe, well, great sections and contetn! keep up the great work! ^^

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