Auspicious Start Work Days 2011 Rabbit Year

It’s two more weeks to Chinese new year. Most of us would bid farewell to the year of Tiger. But many of us would hope for a better coming Rabbit year, 2011. As usual, most of us would start to find out the auspicious start work date for the coming Rabbit year. It put to believe that, starting off with the auspicious day will determine the fortune for following days in the year. I, myself, is interested to know what is the day that deemed auspicious. I searched through Google and found have posted the day for each of the respective zodiac sign:

February 6 (dog)

7 (boar)

8 (rat)

9 (cow)

12 (dragon)

14 (horse)

16 (monkey)

17 (rooster)

18 (dog)

20 (rat)

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