Assistant Hit By Camera ~ President Chou Chases Paparazzis

Yesterday in the early morning after the marathon wedding of Will Liu and Wang Wanfei, an unexpected accident scene happend after Jay Chou was leaving, and it was also between a chase with the Paparazzis.

Jay arrived about 12am, generously sat with rumoured ex-girlfriend Landy Wen at the same table, but he just drank water as alcohol, leaving around 1:30am, the front door was still full of cameras and Paparazzis, President Chou was barely making it out, he wasn’t able to not use his arm to block those cameras that were too close, in a mess, his assistant’s head was hit by one of the cameras, but the other parties didn’t even apologize and left, the angered Jay quickly jumped into the borrowed sports car, chased for a bit, and wanted to get an apology back for the assistant, but at then end they still couldn’t catch up.

This wedding party that ended the other night included attendees, Jacky Wu, Terri Kwan, Jerry Huang, and 50 other people filled the restaurant; the crowd constantly like a “turntable” chatting, drinking alcohol, the groom and bride couldn’t avoid traditions of games like “kissing”, but craziness was only “normal level”, but Wan Fei (bride) drank until she was about to fall asleep, Will (groom) was also “floating” around, then people were leaving, that time was already about 3am, and the newly weds yesterday afternoon had to rush to the airport for a departure of 14 days honeymoon, finally the two can finally depart.

As for since the wedding to the party Jolin Tsai has not show at all, yesterday on CTS recording on “Happy Sunday”, she said long before she already told Will that she has work and won’t be able to attend, she doesn’t understand how others can keep stirring up news about whether she attends.

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