Ariel Lin Wishes for Romantic Kiss

Ariel Lin has been in mainland China for a while. She attended an activity for a Valentine’s Day thing, and asked how she spent her Valentine’s Day? Because she’s filming as “??” in “?????”, she laughed and said: “Working in mainland, of course I’m going to spend it with the staff.” But she revealed her girlish romantic dreams and said: “The Valentine’s Day I’d want the most? Probably on a boat with the boy I like and have a romantic kiss.”

Usually very tightlipped about her love life, the media continues to hound her with romance questions, but she never says a word. Asked whether or not she would send flowers to the person she liked? Ariel laughed and said: “How can that be? Then the person would know how I felt about them.” Because Ariel doesn’t like to mix romance and work, she never reveals anything about her love life.

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