Ariel Lin starts new drama filming in May

‘Legend of the Condor Heroes,’ which suspended filming due to the injury of the main actor, will start filming again in May. However, as Ariel Lin will be filming ‘It Started with a Kiss 2’ starting in March, a schedule adjustment is will most likely be necessary.

The ‘Legend of the Condor Heroes’ team had to suspend further filming due to Hu Ge’s injury from an accident. The producer flew directly to Hong Kong to meet with the scriptwriter, and negotiated to extend their contract for another year after receiving understanding of the situation. Amongst such incidents, as Hu Ge expressed a will to return after recovery, the May schedule was set.

Ariel Lin’s agency commented that it would be ideal to start the filming of ‘Legend of the Condor Heroes’ once ‘It Started with a Kiss 2’ ends, but as her will to perform in a historical drama is great, she will not step down from the role. However, as it is unlikely that the filming of ‘It Started with a Kiss 2’ will end within two months, the producer is currently busy rearranging everyone’s schedules.

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