Anthony Wong is Stephen Chan’s Latest Guest

Anthony Wong and Stephen Chan were filming for TVB Pay Vision chat show "Be My Guest" yesterday, where Stephen presented Anthony with a book on English expletives and a toy car. The car is significant of Anthony’s forthcoming appearance at the TVB anniversary and the book is reflective of Anthony’s reputation for swearing. He laughs that as there is only one car, his sons will fight over it and then he will have to find a swear word to shout at them from the book.

Anthony says that his sons are often fighting over toys, but he does not smack them and will punish them with other methods. As for his constant swearing, Anthony says that he doesn’t mind his sons growing up a little course. Asked if there are any questions that he will not respond to in the interview, he jokes that he will not answer questions about his measurements, sex life and anything rude. Is he interested in filming another series? He says that he has discussed this, but the timing cannot be accommodated so this has fallen through. Asked if he feels that the fee is not enough, he says that there has to be the right character, director and timing.

Stephen says that Anthony has had some wide experiences in his upbringing, so he has has own perspective on relationships and marraige and this is a reason why he would like to do this interview. What questions daren’t he ask Anthony? He says: "From memory, he is a very direct person who will talk about anything. Next week, Stephen’s guest will be Nicholas Tse, so will Cecilia be there too? He says he hopes so.

With the news that Lydia Shum has left intensive care now with her condition improving, Stephen says he has not spoken to Lydia, but he has received a text message from her indicating that she is coming along well. Will Lydia be fit to host the anniversary? Stephen says that the most important thing at the moment is her health and he does not mind how long she takes on sick leave.

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