Anita Yuen Takes Baby Son Hiking in Nepal

Anita Yuen was a guest at a children’s charity event yesterday. Since giving birth to her son, Anita has become easily emotional. At the event, when she witnessed a mother holding her autistic child, Anita had the urge to cry. As a mother, Anita had empathy for children with illnesses.

"Since becoming a mother, many things easily make me cry now. At first, when my son cried, I will cry along with him. But the doctor said that it was normal for babies to cry, unless it exceeds 15 minutes in duration."

When Anita was pregnant with Morton, she had played numerous Disney songs for him to listen. The 4 month-old Morton now moves his arms and legs excitedly whenever he hears the songs.

"Everyone knows how bad my singing skills are. But music is a great way to teach children; Morton can listen quietly for 45 minutes. Now I am like his personal DJ, constantly spinning different tracks for him! My father’s car is equipped with a mini-television, so that Morton can watch TV when he rides."

Earlier, Anita went on a 5 day hiking trip with husband, Chilam Cheung while carrying her 13 pound baby son. No wonder it was obvious that Anita’s post-pregnancy weight was all gone!

Did Chilam help out in taking care of baby Morton? "Of course Chilam didn’t! He carried his backpack and walked carefreely, while I was hiking at a turtle’s pace behind him!"

Although many friends advised that Anita should not take her newborn son to Nepal, she did not want her baby to visit luxury-filled countries such as Japan. Anita wanted Morton to visit a poor country and hope that from an early age, he would share with others whenever there is personal excess.

When Morton was born, Anita already started donating to charities in his name. Anita also donated the lucky packets which were given to Morton this Lunar New Year. When she receives the thank-you letters from charities each month, Anita feels truly happy.

Anita hopes to visit her grandmother in Australia on their next family trip. But they may have to wait until Morton is 2-3 years old first.

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