Anita Yuen & Kenny Chung on Charity Expedition

Anita Yuen Wing Yee, Kenny Chung Chun To and his daughter visited Qinghai Province’s Xining, which experienced a drought earlier. Representing the Buddhist organization, Lotus Light, Anita distributed water to the local households.

After a 3 hour ride from the hotel, Anita arrived at the village. She distributed chocolate to the children and visited a 9 year old girl’s home. The little girl had to fetch water from the mountain each morning.

Noting that the water the villagers used was yellow-colored, Anita’s eyes filled with tears. Perhaps as a new mother and witnessing the children’s rustic means of living, she felt emotional.

The villagers in Xining have an annual household income of $300 Yuan and survive on a potato diet. As a result, Anita ate potato pancakes and potato soup for dinner with the villagers.

Kenny Chung struggled for his breath throughout the journey, but his daughter was quick in her step.

Kenny commented, "One of the households we visited had a 74 year old man, who had to fetch water from the mountains each morning. He has a 19 year old son, but he had to take care of his paralyzed child. The old man’s daughter had passed away."

Kenny and his daughter brought candy and clerical supplies for the local children, hoping that they will focus on their studies.

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