Anita Yuen & Chilam Cheung’s Baby is a ‘Little Monster!

Since giving birth in November, Anita Yuen Wing Yee has been resting at home. However, the day before, the paparazzi spotted Anita at the supermarket buying a brand of "genius milk formula" at $420 (HKD) per can. Apparently breast feeding is not sufficient and there were rumors that Anita would not let her mother-in-law handle the new baby.

Anita appeared on Cha Siu Yan’s radio show program yesterday. Anita admitted that she was not supposed to step outside during her rest month, but she realized that they were running out on milk formula at home. She did not trust others to buy the formula, so rushed out on an emergency grocery trip herself.

Anita explained why she didn’t let her mother-in-law handle the baby, "It’s not only my mother-in-law, but no one can touch the baby! Since his immune system is still very weak, I wash my hands thoroughly each time I touch him. Due to frequent washing, my hands have become very dry! Actually I just don’t let people touch the baby too much!"

Anita feels that the baby is beginning to resemble more of herself, especially the way he looks at people and his loud voice, so they have given him a nickname of "Little Monster."

Chilam Cheung appeared at the opening ceremony for his new movie yesterday. Cast members also include Karena Lam Ka Yan, Lau Yeuk Ying, Chan Si Wai etc.

When reporters asked Chilam about buying a new car for Anita and his baby son, Chilam said that it was all under the bad influence of his friends who are car enthusiasts, hinting at Aaron Kwok Fu Sing and Shum Ka Wai. "All my friends talk about cars all the time, spiking my enthusiasm as well!"

The paparazzi has photographed Chilam at home, but he indicates he will be lowering the blinds in the future. "The weather has turned cold, so I don’t want the paparazzi to catch cold while they are out on their ‘photo assignments.’ Since the government can not [protect our privacy], I have to help myself!" Even if Chilam moves to a new house, it would not help the situation, unless he lives in a secretive underground location [with no windows]!

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