Anita Yuen Calls Chilam Cheung Her Man Servant

Anita Yuen Wing Yee and Chilam Cheung accepted a telephone interview with Cha Siu Yan yesterday.

Anita praised Chilam for being a good "hubby" willing to please her in many ways and described him as a "man servant."

Anita said, "Whatever I want, Chilam will provide for me. He even gives me massages and performs magic tricks too!"

In the interview, Chilam and Anita chipped in excitedly to talk about the impending arrival of their baby. Anita said that she is mentally prepared to have the baby anytime.

Will Anita be getting a C-Section? Anita said, "It will be dependent upon the circumstances during birth; the most important thing is that the baby is born healthy. I hope for a natural birth, but if there are complications and I were to lack the strength to deliver naturally, then I don’t mind getting a C-Section."

Chilam interrupted at this point and said that he has morphed into a delivery man, as Anita requests him to buy iced lemon tea everyday. The paparazzi has also been using telephoto cameras to take photos of Chilam and Anita at home. "At first I wanted to close the blinds, but we did not do anything wrong, so we did not block the windows."

Did Anita and Chilam think of names for the baby yet? Chilam laughed, "I have prepared many names, but we have not settled on a specific name yet. We will have to see the baby’s face upon birth and make sure the name is suitable. For example, if we pick the name ‘Chi Wai’ (referring to Eric Tsang Chi Wai) and the baby turns out to be as tall as Yao Ming, then the name would be meaningless."

Anita added that Chilam always creates funny nicknames for her. "He calls me Dai Gor (‘Big Brother’ referring to Jackie Chan) and asks me to act like a Big Brother all the time. But otherwise, Chilam has been awesome, providing me with everything I want."

Chilam mentioned that Anita caught his cold virus. "The earliest that Anita will be delivering will be on November 19th. TVB will be holding its Anniversary celebration that night; perhaps they should save an award for me!" Chilam continued, "Once there is good news, we will announce it to everyone!"

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