Animated version of “I’m Sorry, I Love You”

I Am Sorry But I Love You, an animation produced by G&G Entertainment, Inc. (CEO: Jeong, Keuk-Po), is to be simultaneously released both in Korea and Japan early next month.

The animation is included in a boxed DVD set, scheduled for release on Aug. 2 in Japan, and is also planned to be broadcast via VOD on KBS Internet and NAVER.COM.

The animation’s OST featured HawL, The One, and other major Korean singers with hit songs including “Flower In Snow.” Also to be released simultaneously are products derived from the animation, such as a behind-the scenes book, a calendar, and other goods.

Besides including some of the best scenes from the original TV drama, the animation tells how Eun-Chae kills herself after the death of Muhyeok.

“After watching a pilot version of the animation last April, GAINAX, producer of Neon Genesis Evangelion visited G&G and we discussed collaborating on its production,” said G&G, which showed a strong confidence in the animation’s overall quality.

Based on the hugely popular original Korean TV drama of the same title, this animation has set a record in Korea when it was sold to CCC, a Japanese package A/V distributor, for 8 million yen last January.

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