Angela Zhang using a myriad of styles to compete with Rain

Following Rain’s announcement that he will have a concert in Taiwan on the 31st of March, the Taiwan music scene has been buzzing with activity. His concert will clash with Angela Zhang’s concert since both are held on the same day. Angela’s record company has sent her stylist to buy a copious amount of clothing, planning to use a myriad of styles to compete the Korean pop king. Ayumi Hamasaki’s concert will be held one week earlier on the 24th, and tickets were sold out within 2 hours. The organizers are now trying to add another show on the 25th.

When Angela Zhang heard that her idol Rain will be having a concert in Taiwan on the same day, she helplessly said, “Then I will have no chance to see his performance, what a pity.” However she thought that they had fate and chemistry, choosing the same day to have their concerts. Her record company is treating this situation gravely. They recently sent the stylist to Japan to source for costumes, and even stipulated that there was no limit to the price, expending all effort to build a myriad of styles for Angela Zhang.

After Ayumi’s concert tickets were rapidly snapped up, the organizers immediately tried to ask for another show on the 25th but they have not gotten any answer yet. A large group of fans who did not manage to buy the tickets have been anxiously asking the organizers about this, and biddings for the tickets online have soared from 3200 NT to 102000NT. Ayumi will arrive in Taiwan on the 22nd and will hold a press conference at 9pm that night. She will then spend the next few days rehearsing for her concert on the 24th.

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